Experts agree that the most important element of every Direct Mail campaign is the mailing list. By targeting customers based on their needs, interests, buying patterns and financial abilities, you give your Direct Mail campaign a great chance at success.
ENDPOINT DIRECT offers numerous mailing lists from a vast array of databases. Our long-term vendor relationships and vendor neutrality combined with our experience will ensure your marketing initiatives are successful and your sales leads are maximized.

Marketers easily fall into the trap of using data from one or two databases and force fit the marketing plan to the data instead of finding the data that best fits their plan.

Using multiple data sources and mixing and matching data sources provides precise marketing and optimal direct marketing success.

Identify new prospects, capture more clients, retain your customers and grow your business by acquiring the right data to target the right customers.


It’s a good idea to know your customer demographics. What attributes make people most likely to respond to your offer? Look at the profile of your existing customers:

  • are they a particular age?
  • have a certain household income?
  • participate in specific hobbies?
  • belong to certain groups or organizations?
  • live or work in a specific geographical area?
  • all of the above?
To get the best possible results from your mailing, answer these questions and have the information ready. If you' ve mailed before, be sure to study your previous responders to refine your mailing list demographics. Do more of what you do best.



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